Progressive Leasing Mobile App

The Progressive Leasing Mobile app is where users go to view their lease balance, manage payments, and apply for new leases. For this project, I focused mainly on the high fidelity screen design.

The Problem

Progressive Leasing users are often confused about the state of their leases and their payments.


This flow was created and defined the desired features for this phase. Several apps were audited to identify patterns for accomplishing analogous tasks.


Wireframes were then explored by the mobile app's primary designer. This is the stage where the project was handed off to me.


With a rough concept of the next phase of the mobile app created, I began to refine both the experience and the visual style. I spent a few weeks gathering inspiration and iterating.

High Fidelity

I created a new page for users to view their current leases, with high level statuses for each lease. A dashboard where users could get in depth information about their lease, see their recent payment activity, make a payment, manage payment methods, and more. I created a page where a user could view their in depth payment history, as well as a new profile page.

Next Steps

After defining a visual style for the next phase of the mobile app, I handed the project back off to the app's primary designer to expand and iterate on.